Tripped Up
Tampered Meter Seal

Never tamper with or remove a meter seal

Don’t Get Tripped Up

Never tamper with or remove a meter seal
Please take notice that not only is tampering with a meter seal illegal, but it could also result in severe injuries or an additional cost at the member’s expense. Under TCEC’s tariffs, the cooperative must be notified when a meter seal needs to be removed. In this case, TCEC will send personnel to the site as soon as possible. 

A tampered meter could result in: 

  • $250 trip charge 
  • Electrical shock or other injuries 
  • Damaged meter 
  • Increase rates for other members 

If an electrician or member chooses to remove the meter seal, TCEC is not liable for any damages or injuries that might occur. If you believe that a meter seal has been broken or tampered with, please contact TCEC at 580-652-2418.

To view the full Rules and Regulations of Service and Tariffs, visit under the “Cooperative” tab.

You can find the TCEC meter seal at the bottom of your meter. For your safety, and the safety of others, do not remove or tamper with the seal.