Prairie Elementary STEAM program receives Operation Round Up funds
Photo of Prairie Elementary STEAM sponsors

Prairie Elementary 'Full STEAM Ahead!'

Full STEAM Ahead is an in-school enrichment program at Prairie Elementary that gives students the chance to learn coding and robotics outside of the classroom. The TCEC Foundation awarded STEAM $2,000 from the Operation Round Up program to put towards robotics kits. TCEC's Giving Funds to Schools (GiFTS) also contributed $1,000 toward STEAM.

About Full STEAM Ahead

The enrichment program, sponsored by Audrey House, an instructional coach at Prairie Elementary School in Guymon, was designed to give students an opportunity to gain enhanced learning through coding and robotics. This is the school's first year to offer the program to students excelling in the classroom. Sessions are held four days a week for both 1st and 2nd-grade classes. Audrey encourages kids to take what they learn in their regular classes and apply it to hands-on activities outside the classroom. Students learn to collaborate and solve complex problems during the STEAM sessions while building interest in math, science, and engineering.

How the students learn

Students start with simple sequencing activities using board games and work their way up to more challenging computer activities solving bigger problems that have to be solved with coding. Eventually, they learn how to code their own robot and make it do what they want it to do. Audrey explains that students will fail throughout this process, but they learn and solve problems through those failures.

Building excitement and enthusiasm

Audrey talked about the impact that the program has on her students.

"To me, this program is about seeing kids coming alive," she said. "The first time that they realize that what they have learned can move a robot, it is just mind-blowing and the coolest thing to see." 

Audrey's hope for the program is that students who started in the program this year will take what they learned into competition mode next year.

TCEC members make it possible

Operation Round Up would not be possible without our members. If you are not already rounding up your bill and would like to begin, or if you would like to make a one-time contribution, visit the Operation Round Up page in SmartHub to view and change your contribution options. One-time contributions can also be made by making a check payable to the 'TCEC Foundation' with Operation Round Up in the memo line and mailing it to TCEC, PO Box 880, Hooker, OK 73945. To learn more, contact TCEC at 580-652-2418.

The TCEC Foundation Board of Directors meets quarterly to review applications for Operation Round Up and disburse funds. Applications are due April 1 for consideration at the next meeting on April 13. If you know of a need, encourage the charitable organization to apply at

Hear from the instructional coach and STEAM sponsor at Prairie Elementary School, Audrey House.