Photos from TCEC presentations

Our safety experts use a Safe City model, which depicts a typical neighborhood scene and shows many electrical contact hazards posed by overhead and underground electrical service.

The model is powered by a transformer that produces a 10,000-volt, 23-milliamp current that creates dramatic arcs when contacts are made. Students get to see first-hand what can happen when a ladder makes electrical contact; a shovel digs into underground service, a kite gets caught in a line and many other everyday situations where safety can prevent serious accidents. Kids and adults alike love this classroom display, and our experienced presenters leave them with a lasting impression of the importance of safety around electrical service.

This life-size demonstration boasts a 7,200 volt power line complete with transformers, fuses, and a giant impact! TCEC employees demonstrate to the crowd the devastation electricity can have on the human body. Hot dogs are used to simulate human fingers and the effects when coming into contact with the energized line. Three-foot electrical arcs are drawn to demonstrate the immense amount of power lurking in the power lines all around us.

Use the form below to request a demonstration for your organization. We look forward to working with you regarding your request. We will respond to your request within two business days. To follow up on your request, call 580-652-2418 and ask for the Communications department or reply to the confirmation email you received. 

TCEC will make every effort to keep the commitment to the scheduled event. However, due to the nature of the cooperative business, any electric service disruptions take precedence. Safety and reliability are our first priorities.

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