solar panels and wind turbines in a photo

TCEC members have the option of participating in a voluntary Renewable Energy Program. One hundred percent of the electricity supplied comes from renewable solar or wind sources.

TCEC gets their renewable energy for this program from its power supplier, Golden Spread Electric Cooperative (GSEC) and the Purchase Power Agreement (PPA) contract with Enel North America.

The Renewable Energy Program is a voluntary program, open to all TCEC accounts, and has a contract requirement.

The Renewable Energy Rate (“Rider R”) is in addition to any charges the member currently sees on their bill. Rider R would apply to 100 percent of the energy consumption of a member’s account.

Currently Rider R is equal to $0.010 per kWh. The Cooperative may change the Rider R once per calendar year depending on market conditions for the purchase and retirement of Renewable Energy Certificates.

A Renewable Energy Credit (REC) is created when an authorized renewable generator generates 1 MWh (1,000 kWh) of energy.  There is a market for sale and retirement of RECs created to assist in the encouragement of the development, construction and operation of renewable energy resources.  Participants taking service under the Renewable Energy Option are entitled to the RECs associated with the renewable energy purchased.  RECs will be provided to the participating member upon request on an annual basis.  TCEC will not sell, purchase or otherwise manage RECs on behalf of the member.

If a member decides to sign up and then wants to quit participating in the Renewable Energy Program, they may terminate billing under this Rider R by giving the Cooperative at least thirty (30) days prior notice. After receiving such notice, the Cooperative will terminate billing under this Rider effective with, or prior to, the member’s next meter read date. The Cooperative reserves the right to terminate this Rider or revise the pricing or minimum purchase amount of the Rider after giving sixty (60) days prior notice.

If a member does not want to participate in the Renewable Energy Program, their service is not affected. The Renewable Energy Program is voluntary and Rider R, if chosen, is in addition to the applicable rate schedule. Rider R will apply to 100 percent of the member’s energy consumption under the applicable rate schedule for a specific member account. If the member chooses not to participate, no change will be made to the service and charges the member is currently receiving.

The member shall be required to execute the Agreement for Electric Service Backed 100% by Renewable Energy Certificates. (See Appendix B in the cooperative's Rules & Regulations of Service).

Text above taken from the Renewable Energy Option - Rider R page 52 of the Rules and Regulations on February 27, 2019.