photo of 2021 district 9 meeting

Every customer of TCEC is also a member, with voting rights and representation on the cooperative board. Board meetings are typically the fourth Friday of every month. Specific dates and times are printed on page four of your monthly LiveWire member newsletter. Your voting district is printed in the upper right corner of page 2 on your electric bill.

National, regional and state agencies, as well as the federal government and Board of Trustees, regulate the cooperative. We are governed by a member-elected, nine-member Board of Trustees through the member-adopted Bylaws. Trustees are elected by members to represent each of our geographic districts; each trustee serves a three-year term. Trustees determine the Rules and Regulations of Service and Tariffs. While the membership of TCEC has opted to give the authority over rates to the local Board of Trustees, all other regulatory rules refer to the corporation commission of the state service is provided in. TCEC adopts the rules most favorable to the member into its Rules and Regulations.

Randy Schreiner photo

Randy Schreiner

District 1


beau rapp photo

Beau Rapp

District 4


shawn martinez photo

Shawn Martinez

District 7


gayla james photo

Gayla James

District 2


kyle hawkins photo

Kyle Hawkins

District 5


Marvin Headrick photo

Marvin Headrick

District 8

ronny white photo

Ronny White

District 3


larry dunn photo

Larry Dunn

District 6


richard radcliff photo

Richard Radcliff

District 9


Members can attend a district meeting in person to elect a representative for their district every three years. See our Bylaws for more information about voting.

To run for the board, follow these steps.

  1. Confirm your district by looking at the top right corner of page two of your electric bill or contact TCEC at 580.652.2418 or
  2. Review the eligibility requirements outlined in the Bylaws
  3. Complete the nomination form in person at the TCEC office in Hooker, 995 Mile 46 Road.

Board minute summaries are posted here for a rolling twelve months. They are delayed one or two months due to necessary reviews and approvals. Members can also call TCEC at 580.652.2418 and ask CEO Zac Perkins for any questions regarding board activity.

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