A group of kids smiling at Prairie Elementary School in Guymon

TCEC established the GiFTS (Giving Funds to Schools) program to support local schools and empower teachers and students to own their projects with TCEC funds. The amount available to each school is based on enrollment. Funds are available to schools served by TCEC and for all grades.

If you are an educator or student, please complete the short form below to request funds.

Examples of activities the program will fund are below.

  • Athletics
  • Band and Choir
  • Extra-curricular student organizations
  • Engineering/robotics, math clubs, science clubs
  • FFA
  • 4-H
  • Advertising efforts by schools
  • Athletic programs
  • Gym banners
  • Field signs
  • Yearbooks
  • Field Trips or Education Tours
  • Museums
  • Businesses
  • Science and Technology tours
  • Etcetera

Individual expenses and traveling expenses like lodging and food are not eligible for funding from TCEC. If you have questions, please call TCEC at 580.652.2418 and ask for Brittney Davis at extension 114.

TCEC typically responds within 10 business days. Applicants will be notified when to expect the GiFTS check.

GiFTS funds are allocated based on the number of students enrolled. Schools may apply for GiFTS funds from January 1 to October 1. When allocated GiFTS funds have been applied for and disbursed, leaving zero funds, applicants will be notified.

GiFTS Donation Request Form

GiFTS School Information
School Name
Project Name:
GiFTS Contact Information
Name of person responsible
GiFTS Sponsor Contact Information
Name of person responsible
Request Type
What type of donation are you requesting?
If monetary, how much is requested?
Please state the organization purpose
Please state how the donation will be used.
One of TCEC’s core values is 'Concern for Community.' That's why the cooperative supports community efforts that enhance the quality of life for our members.

TCEC would like a final report, including photos or videos, showing the use of the donation. Provide date you will send report.
Please state how TCEC will be recognized for donating to the organization.
Please provide invoices, wish lists, event flyers or other helpful information to help TCEC make a decision on your request.
One file only.
100 MB limit.
Allowed types: gif, jpg, png, bmp, eps, tif, pict, psd, txt, rtf, html, odf, pdf, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx, xml, avi, mov, mp3, ogg, wav, bz2, dmg, gz, jar, rar, sit, svg, tar, zip.

GiFTS Donation Payable Section

If the request is financial and in the event it is approved, please provide the check payable and mailing information.
GiFTS Donation Payable Information