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Plant Trees Properly

When planting trees, be safe by calling 811 first and avoiding the right-of-way -  Trees require room to grow both above and below ground. This means that before you plant a new tree, you must identify the right kind of tree for your yard - and the right location, away from power lines and underground facilities.

Talk to your nursery or the County Extension Agent for suggestions on low-growing trees that can be planted near power lines. And as always, before you dig, make sure to contact your local One Call Center by calling 811. 

Before planting a tree, consider what the mature height of the tree will be. The letters below each tree in the above illustration relate to the types of vegetation listed below than can be safely planted near the cooperative’s right-of-way.

A.    If landscaping is needed near right-of-way areas, choose low growth shrubs.

B.    Smaller trees can be planted on right-of-way edges, at least 15 feet from distribution power lines.

C.    Medium trees need to be planted at least 35 feet away from distribution power lines.

D.    Large trees need to be planted at least 45 feet away from overhead distribution power lines.

E.    Trees planted too close to the lines will always be misshapen by unavoidable pruning of limbs to prevent interference with lines.

Larger transmission power lines require more clearance than shown.

Published May 14, 2018

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