2022 GiFTS (Giving Funds to Schools) Applications Open

Seventeen schools in the TCEC service area received funding in 2021 through the GiFTS program. Student centers, libraries, sports equipment, technology labs, media, and science classrooms were funded. Student organizations completed projects for competitions, campus engagement, STEM and greenhouse programs, and recognition. Educators obtained much-needed equipment for a better learning experience in classrooms. Counselors now have tools for student social care.  

TCEC established the GiFTS (Giving Funds to Schools) program to support local schools and empower teachers and students to complete their projects with TCEC funds. Enrollment determines the amount available to each school. All grades are eligible to apply. 

Schools may apply for funds from January 1 to October 1 or until all available funds are allocated. 

Individual expenses and traveling expenses like lodging and food are not eligible for funding from TCEC. If you have questions, please call TCEC at 580.652.2418 and ask Leslie Kraich at extension 128. 

Apply online at www.tcec.coop/gifts