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New Facility: Building to meet the needs of members

By Erin Moore, Member Solutions Coordinator

Originally published in April 2014 issue of TCEC LiveWire newsletter.

Tri-County Electric Cooperative is not the same cooperative that formed in August of 1945. The Oklahoma Panhandle is not the same region it was in the 1940s either. With the continued production of the oil and gas industry and success of the agriculture industry, this region has become a thriving place of business and a great place to live. With continued growth comes increased demand for reliable electricity. Members rely on a steady stream of uninterrupted electricity to perform daily tasks for work and life. TCEC has been providing safe and reliable electricity for 69 years. 

In 2013 TCEC sold more than one billion kilowatt hours. Since 2008 the cooperative’s sales growth has doubled. Not many companies can boast their sales growth has doubled in six years. In response to increased sales comes the need for a new facility to accommodate everyone within the cooperative and to meet the needs of members. The cooperative’s new headquarters will be future proof, meaning the plans for construction will include room for expansion versus the current location which is located in a residential area. Expansion of the cooperative’s current facilities is not feasible nor is the land large enough to meet the needs for a new building, warehouse and fleet storage.

Meeting the needs of members

The cooperative’s new facility will help it to continue to meet the needs of members for decades more. The next generation running the cooperative will have a facility which will enable them to expand if needed.

The new facility will have adequate space for the first time in decades to host district meetings, youth trip interviews, host special community events, and employee and safety meetings. Currently the cooperative uses community buildings around the town of Hooker and surrounding communities to host these types of meetings.

The new facility will also have a welcoming lobby with displays of energy efficiency items, renewable options, and other promotional products.

Construction to Begin in Spring

Local contractors interested in bidding on the construction of the cooperative’s new facilities are welcomed. Visit for more details about the facility and to find the specifications and requirements from the general contractor. Also, if you have comments or questions about the new facility, contact us at

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