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Member Matters Column: Survey by Chris Purdy

As members of TCEC, your opinion counts. This is your electric cooperative and TCEC is here to serve you. TCEC employees work to improve the quality of life for our members and communities by providing safe, reliable and affordable electricity. Now, you have a special opportunity to tell us how we’re doing.

Member satisfaction survey

We are conducting a member satisfaction survey through TSE Services of Raleigh, North Carolina. TSE Services is a cooperatively owned market research firm founded in 1998 by North Carolina’s electric cooperatives. Today, the firm conducts member satisfaction surveys for cooperatives across the United States.

A third party will call and email a sample of our members beginning in early March. The email option is a new addition to the survey. The survey will ask a series of questions regarding TCEC’s service. The survey takes about 5-10 minutes to complete.




National score

The survey results will provide the cooperative with a score on the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). An ACSI score is a national rating that many businesses use to gauge how well they are performing in the eyes of customers. Many Fortune 500 businesses use these same metrics. TCEC wants to measure itself against the best. We use this score to benchmark ourselves against our past performance, other electric cooperatives and even companies in other industries. It’s like a grade for how we’ll we’re serving our members.

Improvement areas

In addition to receiving the ACSI score, the survey results help TCEC pinpoint areas where we need to improve. While we encourage members to call our office and talk to us at any time about their service, we see the survey as another way to get your input.

What to expect if selected

Members can expect survey callers to be patient and willing to explain or clarify their questions. Members who answer the survey will be asked if they are responsible for paying the electric bill or know about the electric account. They will also be asked how long they have been a TCEC member, their average monthly bill and age. Survey callers never ask for Social Security, credit card and bank account numbers or any other personal or financial information.

Please participate

If you are randomly selected to participate in the survey, either by phone or email, I hope you will take a moment to tell us how we’re doing. It’s important to us. We’ll report the survey results to our board, our leadership team and employees as well as to the membership as a whole. Remember, this is your electric cooperative.

For more information about TCEC’s member satisfaction surveys, contact TCEC at 580.652.2418 or send us feedback online

Published: February 20, 2018

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