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Giving with energy

Those who are looking for a unique gift anyone can use may find what they are looking for when they give the gift of energy through TCEC.


Community solar is sometimes called ‘shared’ or ‘cooperative’ solar because many members share the benefits of one local solar array, which is located near TCEC’s office in Hooker. To participate in the program and benefit from the array, members do not have to install and maintain solar panels on their roof or property. Community solar is a simple, more affordable way for members to participate in renewable energy.

Residential and nonprofit organization members can subscribe to a panel, or more if they choose, and receive credit on their bill for the energy produced by their share of the array. Interested members can gift a solar subscription for a one-time fee of $326 per panel to a nonprofit or another member within the TCEC service area.  The subscription keeps on giving through 2041. To learn more, contact us at 580.652.2418 or visit


What do you give to the person who already has everything? How about the person who doesn’t have enough? While most people wouldn’t normally look to their electric cooperative for gift ideas, TCEC is offering just that. Through its Gift of Energy program, anyone can make a payment on a residential or nonprofit cooperative member’s account. The Gift of Energy program provides people the opportunity to make life a little easier for someone they care about.

To give the gift of energy, provide TCEC with the gift recipient’s name and billing address. The recipient’s TCEC account number is helpful but optional. You can make your gift using many of the same payment options you use to pay your own bill. To learn more, contact us at 580.652.2418 or go to and look for ‘Gift of Energy’ under ‘Community’.

Published: 10/24/17

This article first appeared in the November 2017 LiveWire member newsletter.

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